Silla, tillbaka i Overlook

En sammanfattning av de senaste dagarna är att någonting är ruttet i staden Overlook. Kriminella gäng övar utpressning mot stadens näringsidkare (av slaget “om du hostar upp lite pengar slipper du få ditt livsverk sönderslaget”). Samtidigt pågår någon slags maktkamp i rådet. Rådsman Kadrik misstänker att detta hänger samman, eller iallafall att de som vill destabilisera honom inte tycker att det gör så mycket med lite oroligheter i marknadskvarteren samtidigt.

Egentligen finns det inte så mycket som tyder på Röda Handens inblandning, åtminstone inte av sådant vi vet om, men en av Kadriks motståndare i Rådet har köpt alla böcker om Röda Handen som finns i staden till sitt bibliotek och i det biblioteket finns de inte nu. Och Bordrinsborg hotas av orcher och goblinoider… Det tycks också finnas kopplingar mellan minst en av de kriminella grupperna och De Mörka, som ju i sin tur har kopplingar till Shadar-Kai.

Om allt detta hänger samman – vilket alltså Kadrik tror – är inte bara Overlook, utan hela Elsirdalen hotad. Kanske på sikt betydligt mer av världen än så.

6th of Mars entry by Grothdin

I´m glad to be writing this down, though truth to be told I have not much to write. Saving my fellow surface dwarves from the danger of the orcish hordes have not been easy. However I miss the well lit caverns of my home. The only one in my battle team that´s a dwarf is Molbok and he´s a deepdwarf. Deepdwarves aren´t the same as normal dwarves either, just as different as surface dwarves. Anyways, there were plenty of cleaning up to be done in those tunnels. Once we flushed those tunnels, we wanted to make sure that they didn´t get rid of the water from the inside and therefore we had to look for anyone of them left behind. There was a big troll in one of the rooms. Took some time to kill and the fire elf and halfling did most of the work. The elf being the reason to why I write this in dwarvish script and not human. We had a feast together with the council after we were done. They seemed to have liked our work. Reshk bought an axe after the feasting, seems he wants to hit as hard as I do. I hope it works out for him. Had to buy myself some plate too. Cost me most of my money.

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