Excepting this short intro, the information might be in Swedish.

This is the campaign we play following the Scales of war adventure path as published by Wizards of the Coast.

It started with two Dragonborn brothers, an inquisitive halfling trying to find a particular flower and a somewhat confused Eladrin claiming to be a ranger. As the campaign has progressed, the group has relied heavily on the older of the two brothers to revive his little brother the paladin “tank”, the warlock’s unspeakable curses such as darnit and fudge (actual quotes not euphemisms), and the ranger’s use of fireballs and magic missile.

Now they have been joined by a crazy dwarflock and a somewhat drunk dwarven fighter.

Well, best of luck my daring heroes onwards towards glory in the name of KORD!


sandrae Netzach Pyrola Skrofler Fellwinter Diendiadre